About ECU-Tuning

In general, ECU (engine control unit) Tuning are software modifications within the engine control unit, with the target to increase engine power and other functionalities. In doing so, the ECU data is read with the aid of an OBD (on board diagnostics) or microchip interface. After that, the data is analyzed and modified via special computer software and finally after adjustment written back to the ECU.

How does our ECU-Tuning work...

In the following the three processes "planning", "programming" and "validation" will be explained. Further, the possibly needed "development" will be described.

a) Planning:
If there are already developed solutions available, the first step is the analysis of the actual customer data (bike, ECU-data, etc.). Next, the data will be compared with pre-developed solutions and necessary modifications will be planned. Finally, the new customer data will be designed (modifications of characteristic maps, lines and/or functions).

b) Programming:
Throughout this process, the newly designed customer data from the previous planning process will be transferred to the ECU. Depending on, if the vehicle is present or not, it will be done with the aid of the vehicle interface (e.g. OBD) or with the help of a microchip interface inside the ECU.

c) Validation:
This process is the final test. On the one side, it takes place by the objective measurement of data, which is similar to the process during the "planning" stage. On the other side, the rider impact on bikes is intense, what makes also your customer feedback important.

d) Development:
The previously describes processes require enormous know-how about the functionality of the entire ECU (including actor's and sensor's). Constant and continuous development and improvement is needed to keep up to the many different bikes from OEMs and there models, with constantly changing ECU settings. Especially, the identification of characteristic maps, lines and functions within the data matrix is an enormous challenge. This is possible for us throughout multiple processing during the above mentioned steps. Essential for this, is the vast usage of different measurement techniques (e.g. engine / bike test bench, exhaust- and fuel measurement equipment) and of course the necessary know-how concerning the usage and analysis of the gathered data.

Differentiation to conventional ECU-Tuning

Most other ECU-tuning distributors only work the programming process. They are just using data from online databases. There is no transparency in such and the quality lacks. It might be the reason that this business model is successful on cars, while an average car ECU-tuning customer only has its focus on engine power. A race bike customer however, do need more than that. Primary, they have their focus on “ride-ability” which is more affected through the response of traction control or throttle.