+5PS at stock BMW S1000XR (K49)

As the dyno graph  shows, we recently had an order from a well-known customer where we realized a XR +5hp in Power and +3Nm of torque from 7.000rpm on. The bike is 100% stock and the power increase was developed on the fly by Robert. Quote of Robert "Nice thing, i think there is still more inside..." - we keep you informed. While we're still developing, everybody can order this mapping from now on.

BMW S1000R Custom Bike with RR-Airbox

Lately, we were allowed to help a customer on a very special project. After are customer mounted a RR-Airbox (switching intake manifold) and did the wiring on a BMW S1000R '14 (picture)  we've done the activation of needed engine control functions and did the fine tuning of the engine management on our test bench. Feedback: "... Hugh fun, it is now a little beast, how I wanted it to be – and it now revs beautifully free" For us, it had been fun and the power increase of ~10hp and a clearly improved torque curve compared with the stock are telling its own story (to graph).

Putting our test bench into operation

Meanwhile, we were able to execute first orders on our test bench, which is good news.. From now on, we're able to execute all customer wishes from power measurement to fine tuning of injection and ignition, including exhaust measurement. Here you can find a Video of a BMW S1000RR at work.

IDM at Lausitzring

Last weekend we were at the IDM start-up race 2016 at Lausitzring. There, we've put our focus on our customers "Marc Neumann #36 (IDM Superstock 1000)" and "Mike Roscher / Anna Burkhard #66 (IDM Sidecar)". Marc was able to reach a remarkable result as 13th and 15th finisher within a very strong Superstock rider range. Mike and Anna were rewarding themselves with a victory. We're congratulating both teams and were able to make valuable perceptions for further development of our RaceMappings...

Customer feedback on WSBK/motoGP Race Mapping for BMW S1000 2015

I am satisfied with the mapping … the bike was tested by a professional driver and he said that in lower RPMs engine the is very strong … he’s a record holder of Grobnik (Rijeka) with 1.27, and he said that … it should go below 1.30

Jože Jankovec, Ljubljana, Slovenia, BMW S1000RR 2015

Customer feedback on our order processing

Quote: "To put it short: 5 stars, very recommendable. Worth every penny. "
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Many Thanks for this positive feedback, it's nice to see that our service seems to be liked.

Cooperation with Neander

Neander Shark GmbH und RS² Engineering are business partners. Within a project to develop a diesel outboard engine Neander steps into an innovative path. We support the Neander development team from now for engine base application and look forward to a great collaboration.