Adaption values | BMW Motorrad


Adaptation values are data that the ECU learns by itself. Examples are: voltage values for gears, throttle valve, e-gas. These are always required when manufacturing tolerances or tolerances of the electrical sensors must be compensated. Thus correctly adapted adaptation values are absolutely necessary for a correctly functioning electronics. At the same time, incorrectly programmed or learned adaptation values are a frequent cause of malfunctions.

When is a new teach in of adaption values required?

Whenever something of the relevant components (throttle, throttle, transmission, sensors) has been changed. Further, this may also be necessary after programming the ECU, here we give our customers, if necessary, appropriate advice.

How is the teaching in of adaption values done?

Most of the data is immediately learned by ECU itself if it was not available or deleted. Throttle / E-gas and transmission require special procedures. For this we have created our bike start-up checklists with / without RCK including our software tools. These will be sent back together with the completed order if needed.