Race Mapping PRO f. BMW S1000 models 2019+


Position-Nr. BM.S1.B.4P.20R (Race exhaust system), BM.S1.B.4.20S (Stock exhaust system)
Title Race Mapping V2020 for BMW S1000RR 2019+
Your Advantages
  • Unique: traction control via cylinder suppression (CUTs) on stock ECU
  • Ready to race mapping - best of many years of professional motorsports experience
  • Target: optimum of rideability = minimum nervousness of bike + maximum trust on your bike
  • Ready for many customs which are usual on race bikes
  • No RCK needed (new dashboard adjustment options & rider modes with DTC +/- are enough)
Available for model, modelyear
  • BMW S1000RR (K67), MJ 2019+, BMS-O ECU
  • R version: optimized for stock engine with race exhaust system; fuel with ROZ ≥ 98
  • S version: optimized for stock engine with stock exhaust system; standard fuel can also be used, possibly lower performance via knock control
  • SA "Driving modes pro" recommended
Price (with 19% VAT) 849€ (350€ for Update from older Race Mapping Verion or from Power Mapping)

Detailed description

Rider Modes S1000 2019+ (K6x)

  • See function overview table (click on picture)
  • RACE PRO 1/2/3: functions for engine response, engine brake, traction (DTC), wheelie (DTC), ABS and DDC can be individually configured via dashboard from the rider modes

Tractioncontrol (DTC) with cylinder supression (CUTs), (K6x)

Electronic like in WSBK on stock control unit (ECU)!

  • Traction control and Wheeliecontrol operating via defined cylinder suppression in combination with ignition angle reduction.
  • The operating range of the traction control become audible to the rider
  • Faster traction control operation (compared to conventional throttle valve DTC)
Video: 1 Lap at Cartagena

Gear dependent traction control (DTC), (K6x)

  • Very intense action in 1st gear to prevent wheelies
  • Decreasing intensity by ratio difference to other gears for acceleration optimum
  • Automatically adjustment of Secondary gear ratio (chain drive) 
  • Tire radii are automatically adjusted (no setups as with K46 in RCK required)

Wheeliecontrol (K6x)

  • Fully optimized closed loop control based on the new inclination angle detection
  • Wheeliecontrol also works via selective cylinder surpression and ignition angle reduction like DTC
  • No wheelie interventions >=4th gear prevents torque reduction on bumps on the straight
  • Gear and rider mode-dependent power limitation for reduced wheelie inclination

Injection & Ignition (K6x)

  • Optimized torque curve for race exhaust systems and fuel >= 98 ROZ
    In "S" Stock-variant for stock exhaust systems, standard fuel is possible, >=95 ROZ recommended.
  • Softer throttle response and power delivery through full partial load optimization
  • Without hardware modifications only very little max. power and torque gains possible due to the broadband lambda control

Dyno diagram stock vs. RS²E Mapping: S1000RR 2019+ with Akrapovic race exhaust
Dyno diagram stock vs. Akrapovic race exhaust: S1000RR 2019+

AFR control (only BMS-O ECU)

  • O2 sensors before CAT stays used for broadband air-fuel-ratia (AFR) control
  • Faster adjustment after speed and / or load change (see schematic diagram)
  • Performance-optimized target in the upper engine speed range
  • Optimized rideability / throttle response in the low load range
  • Reduced constant ride jerking

Engine speed limiter

  • Programming a soft start of limiter action by cylinder blank out
  • Reduced risk of bike nervousness while reaching limiter speed
  • Slight Increase of engine speed limit up to 500rpm, because "soft limiter" prevents from over-rev

Engine brake (K6x)

  • Gear and rider mode dependent engine brake with fully optimized parameters
  • Fired config (injection continues) leads to a smoother first pickup during transfer from braking (0% throttle) to acceleration and a more stable behavior in fast corners

e-Gas, S1000RR 2019+ (Race Map + Power Map)

  • Prepared for usage of short throttle grips (min. ≥54 ° rotation angle)
  • Maximum torque and power delivery in all riding modes
  • Remove any existing specific restrictions due to noise or emission regulations
  • Constant throttle response in all modes
  • Optimized behaviour for racing use
  • Increased robustness against unnecessary safety shutdown (eGas monitoring)

Launch control (L-Con) and Pitlane Limiter

  • Activation and pre-set of Launch Control and Pitlane Limiter
  • Activation of more then 3 starts in sequal
  • Activation of launch control also in 2nd gear
  • S1000RR 2019+: Launch Control and PitLimiter only available in conjunction with "rider modes pro"

Shift assistant (SASS), quick shifter

Improved in V2020!

  • Faster upshifts (mainly in high rpm) through reduction of ignition cuts
  • More dynamic downshifts through increased throttle punch in low and mid rpm range
  • Increase of diagnostics tolerances to prevent safety shutdown during usage of race shifter (e.g. MCT-Lohmann)

Optimizations for racing

  • Elimination of clutch lever switch
    (Increased reliability of shift assistant and simplify lever change; Le-Mans-start with gear engaged remain possible)
  • Elimination of side stand switch
    (Increase reliability)

Exhaust flaps (in S-variant)

  • Acoustic flap always open while riding, stock behavior in idle speed
  • Optimized Sound and torque during lower and mid rpm range
  • Better audibility of the bike while braking through open exhaust flap
  • Intake flap (e.g. at S1000RR 2019, K67) always open

Prepared for common race conversions (only in "R" version)

  • Exhaust flaps and servos can be removed
  • O2 Sensors 
    (from 2019: Broadband sensor before CAT must remain, after CAT can be removed)
  • knock control sensors can be removed
  • secondary air system can be removed
  • radiator fan can be removed (function stays enabled as long as connected)
  • 2017+: fuel tank venting valve including activated carbon filter can be removed
  • 2019+: intake flaps stays always open and can be removed
  • 2019+: CAT heating inactive (no increase of idle speed in cold start conditions)

Individual requirements possible at an additional cost, for example ...

  • Program tire radii of a preferred type exactly in ECU
  • Set engine speed limitation to individual value
  • Adjust traction control to individual data (e.g. allow unusually high slip values)
  • Stronger / weaker wheeliecontrol in individual rider modes
  • Rider mode-dependent power limitation in lower gears to reduce wheelie inclination
  • Fine tuning on your own bike on our test bench
  • Modification of engine configuration (camshafts, pistons, ...) requires adaptation of fueling and ignition beyond the capabilities of RCK
    Test bench tuning recommended