Race Mapping PRO f. BMW M/S1000 models 2019+


Position-Nr. BM.S1.B.4P.21R (Race exhaust system), BM.S1.B.4.21S (Stock exhaust system)
Title Race Mapping V2021 for BMW S1000 2019+ (K6x)
Your Advantages
  • Unique: traction control via cylinder suppression (CUTs) on stock ECU
  • Ready to race mapping - best of many years of professional motorsports experience
  • Target: optimum rideability = minimum nervousness of bike + maximum trust of your bike
  • Ready for many customizations which are usual on race bikes
  • No RCK needed (new dashboard adjustment options & rider modes with DTC +/- are enough)
Available for model, modelyear Show vehicle types
  • BMW M1000RR (K66), MJ 2021+, BMS-O ECU
  • BMW S1000RR (K67), MJ 2019+, BMS-O ECU
  • BMW S1000XR (K69), MJ 2020+, BMS-O ECU
  • R version: optimized for stock engine with race exhaust system; fuel with ROZ ≥ 98
  • S version: optimized for stock engine with stock exhaust system; standard fuel can also be used, possibly lower performance via knock control
  • SA "Driving modes pro" recommended
Price (DE/EU 19% VAT) 849€ (350€ for Update from older Race Mapping or from Power Mapping)
Price (nonEU 0% VAT) 713,44€ (294,12€ for Update from older Race Mapping or from Power Mapping)

Detailed description

Driving modes S1000 2019+ (K6x)

  • See function overview table as picture
  • RACE PRO 1/2/3: functions for engine response, engine brake, traction (DTC), wheelie (DTC), ABS and DDC can be individually configured via dashboard from the rider modes
Video: Customer information (please use subtitle)

Tractioncontrol (DTC) with cylinder supression (CUTs), (K6x)

Improved in V2021! 
Electronic like in WSBK on stock control unit (ECU)!

  • Traction control and Wheeliecontrol operating via defined cylinder suppression in combination with ignition angle reduction.
  • The operating range of the traction control become audible to the rider
  • Faster traction control operation (compared to conventional throttle valve DTC)
Video: 1 Lap at Cartagena

Gear dependent traction control (DTC), (K6x)

Improved in V2021!

  • Very intense action in 1st gear to prevent wheelies
  • Decreasing intensity by ratio difference to other gears for acceleration optimum
  • Automatically adjustment of Secondary gear ratio (chain drive) 
  • Tire radii are automatically adjusted (no setups as with K46 in RCK required)

Wheeliecontrol (K6x)

  • Fully optimized closed loop control based on the new inclination angle detection
  • Wheeliecontrol also works via selective cylinder surpression and ignition angle reduction like DTC
  • No wheelie interventions >=4th gear prevents torque reduction on bumps on the straight
  • Gear and rider mode-dependent power limitation for reduced wheelie inclination

Injection & Ignition (K6x)

  • Optimized torque curve for race exhaust systems and fuel >= 98 ROZ
    In "S" Stock-variant for stock exhaust systems, standard fuel is possible, >=95 ROZ recommended.
  • Softer throttle response and power delivery through full partial load optimization
  • Power increase about 3PS
  • Torque increase about 3Nm

Dyno diagram examples (values measured on wheel) with race exhaust: S1000RR 2019+ / S1000XR 2020+
Dyno diagram examples (values measured on wheel) with stock exhaust: S1000RR 2019+ / S1000XR 2020+

AFR control (only BMS-O ECU)

  • O2 sensors before CAT stays used for broadband air-fuel-ratia (AFR) control
  • Faster adjustment after speed and / or load change (see schematic diagram)
  • Performance-optimized target in the upper engine speed range
  • Optimized rideability / throttle response in the low load range
  • Reduced constant ride jerking

Engine speed limiter

  • Programming a soft start of limiter action by cylinder blank out
  • Reduced risk of bike nervousness while reaching limiter speed
  • Slight Increase of engine speed limit up to 500rpm, because "soft limiter" prevents from over-rev

Engine brake (K6x)

  • Gear and rider mode dependent engine brake with fully optimized parameters
  • Fired config (injection continues) leads to a smoother first pickup during transfer from braking (0% throttle) to acceleration and a more stable behavior in fast corners

e-Gas, S1000RR 2019+ (Race Map + Power Map)

  • Prepared for usage of short throttle grips (min. ≥54 ° rotation angle)
  • Maximum torque and power delivery in all riding modes
  • Remove any existing specific restrictions due to noise or emission regulations
  • Constant throttle response in all modes
  • Optimized behaviour for racing use
  • Increased robustness against unnecessary safety shutdown (eGas monitoring)

Launch control (L-Con) and Pitlane Limiter

  • New in V2021: Automatic Launch control engage during still stand in 1st gear for S1000RR 2019+
  • Activation and pre-set of Launch Control and Pitlane Limiter
  • Activation of more then 3 starts in sequal
  • Activation of launch control also in 2nd gear
  • S1000RR 2019+: Launch Control and PitLimiter only available in conjunction with "rider modes pro"
  • S1000XR 2020+: Launch Control and PitLimiter not available
video of automatic launchcontrol for BMW S1000RR 2019+ (K67)

Shift assistant (SASS), quick shifter

Improved in V2021!

  • Faster upshifts (mainly in high rpm) through reduction of ignition cuts
  • More dynamic downshifts through increased throttle punch in low and mid rpm range
  • Increase of diagnostics tolerances to prevent safety shutdown during usage of race shifter (e.g. MCT-Lohmann)

Optimizations for racing (only in R version)

  • Elimination of clutch lever switch
    (Increased reliability of shift assistant and simplify lever change; Le-Mans-start with gear engaged remain possible)
  • Elimination of side stand switch
    (Increase reliability)

Acoustics: Exhaust and intake flaps (in S-variant)

  • Acoustic flap always open while riding, stock behavior in idle speed
  • Optimized Sound and torque during lower and mid rpm range
  • Better audibility of the bike while braking through open exhaust flap
  • K6x models: intake flap always open
  • K6x models: No catalytic converter heating / no increased idling after engine start
  • K6x models: Exhaust burble enabled in DYNAMIC PRO

Prepared for common race conversions (only in "R" version)

  • Exhaust flaps and servos can be removed
  • O2 Sensors 
    (from 2019: Broadband sensor before CAT must remain, after CAT can be removed)
  • knock control sensors can be removed
  • secondary air system can be removed
  • radiator fan can be removed (function stays enabled as long as connected)
  • 2017+: fuel tank venting valve including activated carbon filter can be removed
  • 2019+: intake flap always open and removable without MIL (always remains open when plugged in)
  • 2019+: CAT heating inactive (no increase of idle speed after engine start)

Individual requirements possible at an additional cost, for example ...

  • Set engine speed limitation to individual value
  • Adjust traction control to individual data (e.g. allow unusually high slip values)
  • Stronger / weaker wheeliecontrol in individual rider modes
  • Noise reduction through more closed acoustic flap and/or a later opening
  • Program tire radii of a preferred type exactly in ECU
  • Fine tuning on your own bike on our test bench
  • Modification of engine configuration (camshafts, pistons, ...) requires advance tuning of fueling and ignition --> Test bench tuning recommended