Power Mapping for BMW F900


Position-Nr. BM.F9.B.5.21S (Stock exhaust system)
Title Power Mapping V2021 for BMW F900
Your Advantages
  • More driving dynamics for even more "driving pleasure"
  • Optimized throttle response and shift times
  • Sporty sound through activation of exhaust burble
  • A2 models: 35kW power limitation will be deleted
Available for model, modelyear
  • BMW F900 R (K83), MJ 2019+, BMS-ME ECU
  • BMW F900 XR (K84), MJ 2019+, BMS-ME ECU
  • none
Price (with 19% VAT) 499€

Detailed description

Injection & Ignition (K83/K84)

  • Optimized engine performance in part and full throttle operation
  • Power increase up to 6PS (~6%) possible
  • Torque increase up to 6Nm (~7%) possible

Dyno diagram example (values measured on wheel) with stock exhaust: F900 R 2020

Engine speed limiter (K83/K84)

  • The rev limiter raised by ~ 700 revs makes the power of the F900 engine usable at high revs for overtaking maneuvers and sporty riding
  • Programming a soft start of limiter action by cylinder blank out reduces risk of bike nervousness while reaching limiter speed

e-Gas (K83/K84)

  • All modes: softer throttle response / improved behavior when applying throttle
  • RAIN: medium and high load range remains OEM
  • ROAD: slightly more direct throttle response than OEM
  • DYNAMIC: sporty direct throttle response

Shift assistant (SASS), quick shifter

Improved in V2021!

  • Faster upshifts (mainly in high rpm) through reduction of ignition cuts
  • More dynamic downshifts through increased throttle punch in low and mid rpm range
  • Increase of diagnostics tolerances to prevent safety shutdown during usage of race shifter (e.g. MCT-Lohmann)

Exhaust acoustics (K83/K84)

Enabling of exhaust burble in DYNAMIC and DYNAMIC PRO

Audio samples: RAIN/ROAD (without exhaust burble) | DYNAMIC/DYNAMIC PRO (with exhaust burble)