Shift-Assistant PRO for BMW S1000R


Position-Nr. BM.A.7.+
Title Enabling of Shift Assistant PRO
Your Advantages
  • Shift assistant PRO provides clutchless up and downshifts
  • More dynamic shifting behavior through optimization of shift assistant
Available for model, modelyear
  • BMW S1000R (K47), MJ 2014-16, BMS-X ECU
  • Retrofit of a double sided working shifter (available within our Kit offers below)
  • Shifter adapter wiring (available within our Kit offers below)
Price (with 19% VAT) 349€, or 175€ in combination with Race/Power Mapping, or Kit prices with adapter wiring und shifter (see below)

Detailed description

Activation of shift assistant pro (ECU flash)

  • Activation of shift assistant pro (includes down-shift blipper) in ECU
  • Modification instructions for shifter and wiring
    (we also offer modification work in our garage)


Shift assistant (SASS), quick shifter

Improved in V2021!

  • Faster upshifts (mainly in high rpm) through reduction of ignition cuts
  • More dynamic downshifts through increased throttle punch in low and mid rpm range
  • Increase of diagnostics tolerances to prevent safety shutdown during usage of race shifter (e.g. MCT-Lohmann)

Kit solutions (SASS PRO)

For sure you can order a complete package together with your ECU Flash, Adapter wiring and installation manual from us. For this you can choose one of the following Shifter variants:

*) Total for complete kit incl. 19% VAT