Merry Christmas and a successful start into season 2021

Also this year we say goodbye with a donation for the DRF Luftrettung.

We wish you a Merry Christmas, good health and a successful start into season 2021!
Robert & Rainer Stelzenberger

Advanced modifications for the BMW S1000XR (K49)

With our news teaser from November 5th, 2020 on extended modifications for the S1000R (K47) and the S1000XR (K49), we seem to have aroused a lot of interest. Together with Markus, we were now able to show what the variable intake funnels of the RR intake system can do on an XR (see dyno diagram). What makes this conversion particularly interesting is that it is not visible from the outside and the RR Airbox fits mechanically into the R and XR without any adjustments. 

  • Series (blue line)
  • Power / Race Mapping (red line)
  • Power / Race Mapping + airbox RR 2015-2018 (green line)

And here is the customer feedback from the first trips - thanks to Markus for this great feedback and the release for publication.

"I made a tour through ... in order to collect as many impressions as possible. On the printout of the performance curve it was already evident that a lot has happened, but you can't imagine the impressions that have rained down on me during this trip. The bike now pushes out from below without a hole up to 9000 rpm from any position, that would be enough for me and so we had planned this project. That would have finished this project perfectly for me, if there hadn't been still a curiosity. So I turned my right hand again up to 12-13000 rpm, and what's going on is really amazing. The bike is really nice now drive from gentle to biting, really successful. This conversion has 100% fulfilled what I had hoped for, THANK YOU. "

Markus M., Germany, BMW S1000XR 2019

Customer feedback on Dynamic Mapping for BMW R1200R

Thank you Oliver for this great feedback which we are allowed to publish on the dynamic mapping for the BMW R1200 models.

"Today I did a long test drive with our R1200R. Super great!!! Outstanding the sound in dynamic mode with the Schnitzer slip-on a feast for the ears. Shifts super clean and the feeling of more power in every gear and engine speed range. Thank you so much! PS: If all people knew what your mapping is about, you could hardly save yourself from customers."

Thorsten H., Germany, BMW R1200R 2015

Power mapping for BMW F900 R/XR now available!

In the last few weeks we have been able to take a closer look at a BMW F900R. As a result, we were able to breathe noticeably more dynamism into the F900 with a suitable power mapping. At this point we would like to thank Ray who made his bike available to us for this.

Customer feedback (after first try outs): "What can I say, it is a completely different driving, suit, pulling power and acceleration is the" madness "... In the smallest way it is only approximately comparable to the" before ". I would never have expected that so much more ride quality and fun thought that can be achieved with a mapping. Many thanks again, also to your brother, I'm still "flashed" ... Actually an absolute must for this motorcycle! "

For a detailed description of services here

V2021 Mapping for BMW Motorrad available from now!

This year we have again further developed our mappings! Essential innovations / further developments of the V2021 in the respective models are ...

1. Further improved shift assistant for all dynamic / power and race mappings

2. Power Mapping S / R now also available for S1000XR 2020+

3. Further optimized DTC and wheelie control behavior in race mappings

4. Optimized ASC / DTC wheelie behavior in Dynamic Mapping for R1250 now also analogous to R1200

5. Automatic Launchcontrol engage during still stand in 1st gear forRace Mapping PRO / S1000RR 2019+ (video)

6. Customer information on Race Mapping PRO for S1000RR 2019+ now also as a video.

7. Numerous other small improvements

Advanced modifications for the BMW S1000R (K47)

During this year, together with a long-term partner, we examined various hardware modifications for the BMW S1000R. Using the example of an S1000R 2014, we examined the following configurations:

  • Series (blue line)
  • Power / Race Mapping (red line)
  • Power / Race Mapping + airbox RR 2015 + special programming for control of trompet elevation (green line)
  • Power / Race Mapping + intake system RR 2015 + exhaust system RR 2015 + special programming for control of trompet elevation (purple line)

For S1000R and S1000XR tuners, the invisible but very effective modification of the airbox (green line in the dyno diagram) should be the most interesting. In addition, the intake system of the S1000RR 2015-2018 fits mechanically into the R and XR without any modification.

LWR Endurance wins German Endurance Championship

We congratulate the LWR Endurance team on their championship title in the German Endurance Championship (DLC), Endurance class.

Because it was a comparatively short season with 3 races, it was all the more important that the 2015 BMW S1000RR does its job reliably. After finishing 2nd overall in the final 6h race in Oscherleben on October 17th, Marco Klohocker, Matthias Geißler, Dirk Schneiders, Jean-Luc Florsch and the whole team in the back can rightly call themselves German champions.

In order to further improve our electronic solutions for next year, we have already discussed some ideas with the team and hope that the title defense will be tackled in 2021.