Successful start into season 2022 for Nils Meiners in the BMW S1000RR Cup

At the beginning of April, the mission "title defense" in the German BMW S1000RR Cup andIBPM (International Bike Promotion Championship) started for Nils Meiners.

Feedback from Nils: "I must say the V2022 [Race Mapping] works really well. Almost no matter what situation, it caught the rear wheel cleanly and I was able to exit the corner with a slight slide. It also caught larger slides cleanly - I had real confidence. Unfortunately, we had to rebuild the front (incl. fork, dashboard, ...) after a training crash and I had to start the first race without testing. There I could get P2 despite some mistakes and win the further races. With a best time of 1:30.3 in very cool conditions I am also satisfied."

We congratulate to this success despite the unfortunate crash and keep our fingers crossed that it continues like this.

Videos zum Rijeka Test

As reported on 28.03.2022, we were testing at the end of March. Among other things, the following two videos were created, which we would like to share here. Have fun!

1 Lap@Grobnik/Rijeka 1:28.9 | Marc-Reiner Schmidt #41 | BMW S1000RR 2022
1 Lap@Grobnik/Rijeka 1:30.2 | Marc Neumann #36 | BMW M1000RR 2021

Left-hand throttle conversion

Together with Zweiradwerke Rosenheim we have implemented a very special project this winter and today handover to customer takes place.

To enable Christian to ride a brand new BMW S1000R with only one arm, we took care that the electronic throttle of the BMW also works on the left side of the handlebar.

We are happy that we could help to make Christian's dream come true and wish him a lot of riding pleasure!

Successful test work for IDM and IRRC 2022

Together with Tommy Wagner Motorrad and Neumann Racing we were testing the last 4 days at the Autodrom Grobnik (Croatia).

The support of 4 riders and still the own tests were a very tight program. It was 100% worth it, because the technical changes we prepared and proposed were all confirmed. And the best: happy faces of all riders after personally fastest lap times.

Many thanks to all for the great atmosphere in best racing weather!
... and still the respective best times of the weekend:

Driver Best time Motorcycle Race series 2022
David Datzer #55 1:27.366 BMW S1000RR 2022 IRRC
Marc-Reiner Schmidt #41 1:27.541 BMW S1000RR 2022 IDM (Guest)
Marc Neumann #36 1:27.849 BMW M1000RR 2021 IDM
Johannes Schwimmbeck #44 1:30.728 BMW S1000RR 2021 IRRC

Customer feedback on the update Power Mapping S V2022 for S1000XR 2020+, K69

"So, now to the software update... Start as usual great - no cold start roaring as original. The engine is now without jerking with 50km / h in 6th gear to drive, even 30km / h in 3rd really relaxed. No constant ride jerking, nothing! He sprouts thereby a bit, but without effect on the driving comfort. Shifting with the Blipper is an absolute poem. Whether at 2500 or 12000 rpm, it just throws the gears in, without any noticeable pause or hard hitting. Simply great! And the consumption is not higher than series.

Great work and great that you are always trying to optimize. Now the point is reached where you can leave it as it is, but let me also gladly teach me otherwise ;-)"

Bodo B., Germany, BMW S1000XR 2020

We support the DLC 2022!

The German Endurance Cup (DLC) has been thrilling racers and fans for many years. We have been supporting participants in the DLC for many years with our motorsport sponsorship. This year there is a new team around alignment and marketing of the DLC with the motto "MAKE DLC GREAT AGAIN". It has already worked for us and this year we support the DLC not only as a participant sponsor but also as a partner of the race series.

We wish all participants and all those involved in the organization of the DLC races a great season and are already looking forward to reporting from the first race - 1000km Hockenheim.

Ladies feedback on Race Mapping

Ladies also have a lot of fun on the racetrack. Because there are unfortunately still few ladies on the racetrack, we are very pleased about following feedback - thank you Thea.

"In spring 2021 my ECU was at RS²E. Everything summarized in one word: Hammer! But one after the other. The control unit came back, a friend helped me to learn everything again. At my first race track in 2021, I was already a little queasy in the stomach. What comes on me b.z.w. what makes my moped with me, how does the new software [Race Mapping], questions about questions ... After initial cautious approach and try out the new software, I gradually got along better and better. What has improved everything, here are some points that have helped me especially to control my *Elly* better and to drive faster. The response when accelerating, direct but sensitive. The smooth acceleration, without speed hole, up to the red zone. The guys in my clique have raved to me about the CUT - TC they were right, dreamlike. The great working TC has given me so much confidence ... that the data recording now says that the Wheelycontrol is starting to work *grin*. Thanks guys and now I'm looking forward to the 2022 season."

Thea T., Germany, BMW S1000RR 2018