Customer feedback on Dynamic Mapping for BMW R1250

Recently offered for sale, we already get the first feedback on Dynamic Mapping for the BMW R1250 models. Even if it is brief and concise, we are always happy to receive such feedback.

"The bike is amazing and the quick shifter on higher rpm feels like an RR :-) ... thank you for making my good bike better :-)"

Eddie H., Cyprus, BMW R1250GS 2019

Perfect start into BMW S1000RR Cup 2020

After Denny Brachmann had an almost perfect weekend at the race in Brno (June 20/21, 2020) with P1 and P2 in rainy conditions, at the second race weekend (June 20/21, 2020) in Oscherleben with Max Riebe and Nils Meiners again riders with RS²E electronics has finished on P1 of race results.

Feedback Denny Brachmann (BMW S1000RR 2012)*: "Everything went great, electronics run perfectly, at least in the rain I have a great feeling." And here is a video of his trip

Feedback Max Riebe (BMW S1000RR 2019)*: "Amazing what a big step the software is even on the new 2019 model. It was super easy to drive the 1:31 laptimes."

Congratulations to the 3 and our many other customers in the RR Cup!

*) translated from German

Sports ads now available for all BMW R1250 models!

Many customers of the R1250 models with TFT display would like the sports ads to be activated. This option is only available as standard on the R1250R with HP design. We can offer this option for all R1250 customers - to our catalog page.

And here is a customer video (tanks to Rüdiger) of how it works on an R1250R.

Customer feedback on shift assistant for BMW R nineT

Here we again received a super feedback with a great picture on the shift assistant for the R nineT. That's why we give 100% every day - thank you! Translated from German:

"When I unpacked the box, I was pleasantly surprised by the detailed installation instructions and that all the necessary parts were included. Installation was very simple and well explained. On the first test drive, after the engine was warmed up, I was simply overwhelmed by how well the shift assistant works. Both under partial load and under full load at high speeds. It even feels smoother than the shift assistant in the water-cooled boxer models that I drove before. On the whole, I am very satisfied and would again buy a product from you again."

Andreas K., Germany, BMW R nineT 2016

Succesful in endurance with LWR Endurance, Part 1

The LWR Endurance team around Marco Klohocker also had a very successful start into the (finally) season. After the 1st round of the German Endurance Championship (DLC) in the Czech Most, a 2nd place in the Endurance class was on the results list.

For the first time, our electronics solutions (standard Race Mapping + Short Throttle) has been used and a great feedback promptly came: "The control unit and throttle grip are outstanding, they are super cool!"

We congratulate the entire team on this remarkable opening result and keep our fingers crossed that it will continue.

Succesful in endurance with RL2 Endurance Racing, Part 3

© Erhan Göktan

After the long Corona break, racing has finally started again and the best way to start a season is a win. The RL2 Endurance Racing team has done this in the 1st 8h race of the Reinoldus Endurance Cup (RLC) 2020 - Endurance class. In changing conditions it's an even greater challenge for people and materials than it already is when dry (especially in the endurance class with just one motorcycle).

We are happy that our electronics (standard Race Mapping + short throttle) could give the riders the necessary confidence even under changing conditions and congratulate the whole team!

Dynamic Mapping now available for BMW R1250 models

Finally, our Dynamic Mapping is also available for the BMW R1250 models. As with the R1200 models, the improvement of the shift assistant and the response behavior give the R1250 a much better riding experience.