Succesful in endurance with RL2 Endurance Racing, Part 3

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After the long Corona break, racing has finally started again and the best way to start a season is a win. The RL2 Endurance Racing team has done this in the 1st 8h race of the Reinoldus Endurance Cup (RLC) 2020 - Endurance class. In changing conditions it's an even greater challenge for people and materials than it already is when dry (especially in the endurance class with just one motorcycle).

We are happy that our electronics (standard Race Mapping + short throttle) could give the riders the necessary confidence even under changing conditions and congratulate the whole team!

Dynamic Mapping now available for BMW R1250 models

Finally, our Dynamic Mapping is also available for the BMW R1250 models. As with the R1200 models, the improvement of the shift assistant and the response behavior give the R1250 a much better riding experience.

VAT reduction to 16%

Of course, we also pass on the german reduction in VAT to customers. Therefore, all invoices for services from July 1st, 2020 will only be issued at 16%. However, since we do not want to change the entire homepage due to 6 months, the prices are still shown here with 19% VAT.


Of course, nothing changes for all nonEU customers - tax-free sales continue to apply.

Customer feedback on Power Mapping for BMW S1000XR

Thank you for the many great feedbacks that reach us, that motivates us enormously. Here is a very special one about our Power Mapping V2020 for the S1000XR. Translated from German:

"In the meantime I drove almost 1000 km with your software. I am totally thrilled. If I had to explain the difference to a beginner, I would tell him that until now I have driven with broken wheel bearings and flat tires, now there are new bearings and there is air in the tire again. It yaws according to engine speed and turns so powerfully that the pistons almost fly out of the top in Dynamic Pro mode - at least that's how it seems to me, because this is how it works ... incredible !! The shift assistant is working much faster ... so that I will no longer get the grin off my face. Big compliments to you ... for the great work. The constant driving jerk has almost disappeared and, unlike the original condition, the whole package runs silky smooth."

Alexander F., Germany, BMW S1000XR 2015

New Variant of shift assistant pro conversion kit for BMW S1000R 2014-2016

Unfortunately, the shift assistant PRO conversion kit for the S1000R models before 2017 has become increasingly expensive. That is not because of us, but because of the meanwhile extremely high spare part prices for the original BMW shift sensor. That is why we have developed a new solution with a aftermarket shifter that we already use with the R nineT. The solution offers two main advantages:

  • Price advantage of 236 € compared to the solution with original BMW Shifter (new)
  • No pinning required for the 2nd control line.

1. Customer feedback: "I did a test ride today. Everything works perfectly, the engine control is great too. Thank you for nice advice and the excellent processing of my order, I can only recommend you!"

Holger T., Germany, BMW S1000R 2015

Customer feedback on Power Mapping for BMW F750 GS

We have already received a first positive feedback on our Power Mapping for the F750 GS of the K80 series. Translated from German:

"... ... installed and put into operation according to the instructions without problems. ... first test drive, it was just great everything worked perfect. Personally, I like best how the shift assistant works now, just twist the trottle and the gears slide in as if by magic, great. ... felt the increase in performance fully (especially in high revs :-)), as I said, just "super" how "power mapping" works. ""

Frank S., Germany, BMW F750GS 2018

Customer feedback on Race Mapping PRO "S" for BMW S1000RR 2019+

We are pleased that also the S variant for series exhaust systems of our Race Mapping PRO for the S1000RR of the K67 series excites our customers. Here is a first customer feedback translated from German ...

"First interim report! Cold start: Finally how it should be! Shift assistant: Absolutely awesome. Driving modes: Couldn't try everything yet, but the first home route test was extremely promising. Wow. Sound: I'm extremely grateful that the threshold for flaps open / close is programmed at 52km / h <Attention: customized programming>. So you can drive quietly in the city, stress no one and outside it gets really cool! Thrust acoustics: ... bangs really well and make loud after closing throttle. ... Up to now worth every euro. The bike is unrecognizable ... it's a real wheelie machine, if you want, and you can easily shift through several gears with the front wheel in the air."

n.n., Switzerland, BMW S1000RR 2019