LWR Endurance wins German Endurance Championship

We congratulate the LWR Endurance team on their championship title in the German Endurance Championship (DLC), Endurance class.

Because it was a comparatively short season with 3 races, it was all the more important that the 2015 BMW S1000RR does its job reliably. After finishing 2nd overall in the final 6h race in Oscherleben on October 17th, Marco Klohocker, Matthias Geißler, Dirk Schneiders, Jean-Luc Florsch and the whole team in the back can rightly call themselves German champions.

In order to further improve our electronic solutions for next year, we have already discussed some ideas with the team and hope that the title defense will be tackled in 2021.

Final test for V2021 mappings + First ride with split throttle

Last weekend we went back to the racetrack for final tests of the V2021 mappings together with 2 of our bikes. The impressions of the riders were all positive, now we still have to look through the collected data in order to hopefully soon be able to give the approval for the sale with confidence.

At the S1000RR 2019 (K67) we were using the split throttle valve functionality for the first time. Even if there is a lot of optimization work to be done before this function can be used within the official mappings, the sound is already there as you can hear in this video.

Roscher / Burkard #66 are IDM Sidecar 1000 Champions 2020

RSC Roscher Sidecar Team is celebrating national and international reasonable successes. Within the IDM Sidcar 1000 championship the team around Mike Roscher is celebrating the championship win 2020. The sidecar with number 66 is driven by a BMW S1000RR Engine. It features an ECU, that had been customized by us for sidecar usage and which had been optimized over several years to the personal wishes of Mike Roscher. We congratulate to this great success and hope that Mike and Anna will be able to take part at the IDM championship 2021.

Long-term feedback on Shift assistant PRO retrofit for BMW S1000R

In 2017, Henning was one of the first to have a shift assistant PRO retrofitted into the S1000R. Now he has sent us great long-term feedback which we are grateful to be able to publish.

"Servus and many greetings from Saxony-Anhalt! A good three years ago you attached and installed a shift assistant with a blipper function on my S1000R. It works like on the first day and has since made for 30 thousand kilometers of happy driving distance. Everything is still chic! It was a great investment, I'm still very happy ... I just wanted to write that to you at the end of season! "

Henning B., Germany, BMW S1000R 2014

Customer feedback on Dynamic Mapping for BMW R1200GS

Thank you Oliver for this great feedback which we are allowed to publish on the dynamic mapping for the BMW R1200 models.

"The work was a great success. On the way home I couldn't get the grin off my face, the GS now has a great response. Even in the upper gears, I can now pull out of the curve at low engine speeds, which was not possible before. The shift assistant is soft as butter. I will be happy to recommend you. Thank you for your great work."

Oliver G., Germany, BMW R1200GS Adventure 2016

Customer feedback on our Services for BMW S1000R

Again great feedback on our Race Mapping, Shift Assistant PRO retrofit kit and Short throttle which we are allowed to publish. Thank you Peter!

"The short-stroke throttle grip is a clear purchase recommendation, and after a few meters I have adjusted to it. Particularly helpful on the racetrack. Race mapping not only pays off on the ring, I would also choose it again for road use. Blibber works (as long as you don't forget to tighten the fixing screws on the shift linkage, as I did) 1A. Up and down now even cleaner than before. Thank you for the mail support and the remote support offered. Top service. "

Peter G., Austria, BMW S1000R 2016

IDM Hockenheimring

This year we again had an exciting IDM final weekend. Together with the Neumann Racing Team, our weekend was unfortunately again marked by technical defects. Even if it succeeded to get the bike always quick operating again, the sporting success was slowed down anyway. Together with BCC-Heilbronn we were able to help Stefan Kerschbaumer to achieve a terrific result with P5. We are especially proud to have provided the electronics for the master bike of the ProSuperstock Cup (BMW S1000RR 2015) for Nico Thöni. Nico made it exciting again with a heavy crash in the first race, but safely drove home the championship title with a victory in the second race. We congratulate all riders and teams for their success and look forward to attacking together again next year.

Results from Hockenheimring: