RCK3 now also for BMW S1000R und S1000XR

Many BMW S1000R and XR drivers also want to enjoy the HP Race Calibration Kit 3. Up to now, RCK has been an exclusive privilege for RR riders. From now on, we can fulfill this requirement also for R and XR bikes and activate the complete RCK3 functionality also there.

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Press feedback on conversion kit "shift assistant PRO" for S1000R und S1000XR

In the current issue of Kradblatt 08/2017, an article about our conversion kit for shift assistant PRO on BMW S1000R and S1000XR models has been published.

Click here for the article! (unfortunately only in German)

Many thanks to Daniel Mayer from Kradblatt for the interest, the nice contact and the professional article.

IDM at Schleizer Dreieck (1. Racing test of Race Mapping 2018)

Together with the team "Neumann Racing" (IDM Superbike 1000) and "Roscher Sidecar Racing" (IDM Sidecar), we are in the racing test phase of the Race Mapping 2018. The team around Marc Neumann was placed 9th in the qualification which is the best ever grid position in a very strong field of riders in a combined IDM Superbike and Superstock. Both teams were very satisfied with the development of the new "CUT" traction control. We congratulate on the results achieved and look forward to the next meeting at the paddock in Assen (11-13.08.2017).

IDM Nürburgring

We want to constantly improve our performance and therefore test our Race Mappings in professional racing. This is how we are again represented in the International German Motorcycle Championship (IDM) this year. We are working together again with the team around Marc Neumann (10th and 13th place, IDM Superbike 1000) and Mike Roscher with co-driver Anna Burkhardt (oil accident and 3rd place). Thomas Hainthaler (22nd and 20th place) also competed with his team at the Nürburgring as guest, and we have also started a promising cooperation here. We congratulate on the achieved results and already started to work on improvements for Zolder in July ...

BMW M135i (F21) Hardware & ECU-Tuning, 400PS / 550Nm

Recently we've had a BMW M135i (F21) with a few hardware mods for ECU tuning at our garage. The result: 400PS and almost 550Nm.
Customer: "Yes I'm very satisfied, sadly I need a limited slip differential now :)"

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Shift assistant PRO on BMW S1000R (before 2017) available - part 2/2

Together with PEPIC Motorsport we recently developed a retrofit solution for usage of used or new BMW RR shifters (Video). From our side we take care of the necessary software modifications for 349€, PEPIC Motorsport offers modified shifter as plug & play solution for 299€ (used) or 399€ (new). Adapter wiring 85€ is provided from alpha racing for all variants. For sure you can get everything from us or from alpha Racing - we submit an offer with pleasure.

PS: In combination with a Power Mapping Stock or Race ou can safe 50% on activation of SASS PRO

Power Mapping for BMW R1200 (K5x) available!

We used the winter to develop something for drivers of the BMW R1200 models. The Power Mapping for the GS models K50, K51, K52, K53, K54 offers for 499 € 3 main advantages:

  1. Optimized mixture preparation in all driving areas
  2. Wheelies are also allowed when the ASC is on
  3. Improvement of the switching behavior and the gas absorption

Shortly: increased dynamic in the GS for sporty drivers!