Alpe Adria 2019

In 2019, we again will support teams within the Alpa Adria Internation Motorcycle Championship (AAIMC). In addition to Mike Wohner, who we already equipped with our electronics in 2018, this year Chris Schmid and Roland Ramsauer will be racing our own Racing4Fun team with our electronics. We look forward to common success!

Coming soon: More than 420hp / 620Nm in BMW M140i, M240i, ... (B58 engine) for 499 €

Wintertime is also development time ... Currently we're busy once again with BMW cars - the vehicles with B58 engine. Currently running the last subtleties of development work and the field test. The power and torque data (see sports ads in the picture), however, are already impressive for a stock vehicle without hardware mods - or as in chiptuning environment is called: Stage 1.

New Content inside Tech Corner: "Hardware disassembly"

We take customer feedback seriously. Sometimes, our customers have requested guidance on how to disassemble hardware we need. Of course we also want to give you the best possible advice - so we build this new section for BMW Motorrad already with some video tutorials.

To the tech corner, hardware disassembly...

Customer feedback on new Race Mapping V2019

We have been in Valencia for 3 days, the problem with the Lohmann Shifter has not occurred again. In addition, the 19er Race Mapping works great! Everything done right!

Rico L., Luxemburg, BMW S1000RR 2015

Shift assistant & Power Mapping for BMW R nineT available from now!

After the final dyno tests, we can now offer all BMW R nineT riders the function "shift assistant" for retrofitting. Since we were already working on the R nineT, of course we also developed and tested the Power Mappings as well. Of course, both together at a reduced price.

To the video of the test bench tests here.

Race/Power Mappings Version 2019 now available for BMW S1000RR/R/XR!


As every year, there is an improved version of our Race Mappings and Power Mappings for the 2019 season. This year it is not like the last one a new DTC operating strategy but some small optimizations like:

  • Improved driving modes RAIN / SPORT: The interventions at low lean angle were still a bit too much.
  • CUT DTC: Refined CUT pattern for better traction now on BMS-X ECU, too (previously only for -K and -MP)
  • Improved Wheeliecontrol (not for BMS-K ECU): At high speeds (from 4th gear), wheelie interventions no longer effective, but slightly more at low speeds.
  • Low-end power limitation (not for BMS-K ECU): Now we can also offer a custom power limit in 1/2/3 gears to almost completely prevent wheelies.
  • Once again improved shift assistant: Once again reduced shifting times and even more advanced diagnostics to prevent unsubstantiated failures even better.

PS: As usual, we offer the update from an existing RS²E mapping until delivery 24.12.2018 for 250, -EUR instead of 350, -EUR.



Successful in Canadian amateur superbike championship

I tried the bike with new ecu you guys did and it’s amazing. I love it! Bike have way to much power than before and bike is smooth now. Thank you one more time.

Ivan Babic, 3rd place CSBK amateur superbike championship, BMW S1000RR 2017