Customer feedback on Power Mapping for BMW F750 2021+, K80

We recently had the opportunity to edit an F750 from model year 2021 with a new ECU and to prepare our Power Mapping for it. Enthusiastic customers are our motivation and we seem to have succeeded here too - thank you Ernst.

Customer feedback: "It was all worth it, my little one drives really well! I'm speechless, the shifting is much better and the acceleration is simply breathtaking. I would like to thank you again very much for the hospitality and the super good work."

Ernst W., Germany, BMW F750GS 2021

New services for BMW K1600 models

Already at the end of March we were able to successfully implement the following services for the first time on a BMW K1600GT Sport 2016:

Customer feedback: "The first thing to say about mapping is that you simply have to drive it. The throttle response has become noticeably better and more even across the entire engine speed range. No brutal acceleration with a subsequent delayed throttle response is noticeable anymore. The reduction of the engine braking effect also ensures significantly more pleasant behavior.

The absolute highlight, however, is the Shift Assistant Pro retrofitting, which, according to the manufacturer, is not possible. RS2E has clearly done a great job here, in several hours of testing and adjustment on the roller dynamometer and on the road, mind you using an OEM switch sensor and without any additional electronics. Shifting up and down without a clutch works flawlessly in all speed ranges.

The work mentioned, as well as the removal of all restrictions or limiters, definitely turn the so-called "luxury tourer" into a wolf in sheep's clothing. Certainly, it is not a superbike, but the potential of the 6-cylinder and the driving pleasure are raised to a completely new level. After almost 1200km over the Easter holidays, despite the sometimes bad weather, there is absolutely nothing negative to report, the grin on the face still lingers. Thanks again to Rainer and Robert for the excellent work. "

Thank you Ralf for the great cooperation and your detailed feedback.

Report from "Bremspunkt" about our work!

We always are happy about positive feedback. If it is so detailed and comes from the specialised press, it is of course even nicer. Thank you Daniel for your report and the associated motivation boost for Easter!

Go to the braking point page here 
Only provided in German language, but with a browser which supports translation it should be readable in other languages, too.

Successful IDM pre-season test with BCC-Heilbronn

Last weekend we went, together with the team from BCC-Heilbronn, to the IDM pre-season test in Valencia in Spain. It was the first time for everyone with the new bike - a BMW S1000RR 2021 (K67) with M Race Calibration Kit electronics. So the focus was not on lap times but on the functionality of all components and a good basic setup. With constant TOP 5 times over the entire weekend, Andreas Gerlich's team was able to show that top placements in the IDM can also be expected this year. This was underlined by driver Ricardo Brink's personal best in Valencia. We look forward on a successful season together.

Customer feedback on Power Mapping S for BMW S1000XR 2020+, K69

"I installed the control unit yesterday and drove extensively (about 150km). Am thrilled. I might replace the Cobra again through the orig. exhaust. Sounds really great now. ... Blipper works very well too. Torque is better down below, 40km / h in 6th gear and pulls up cleanly - was not possible before. Downshifting with double-declutching and babbling reminds me of my S1000R Euro 3. I really don't miss the idle increase anymore - simply pleasant. Opening the exhaust flap when engaging in gear do have something. Great work! "

Bodo B., Germany, BMW S1000XR 2020

Customer feedback on Race Mapping, short throttle and acoustics package for BMW S1000R 2019

"I have to thank you guys for your great work, the upgrade basically turns it into a new motorcycle. Drives great and you quickly get used to the shortened throttle grip rotation and then enjoy the benefits. The exhaust flap now works as I have always wanted it to be [remark: customized acoustic package programmed], low power quiet and more power louder no matter which gear, when braking in overrun it now sounds great. Especially in 2nd gear you notice a clear difference when accelerating out, I think. So far I could accelerate in 2nd gear without intervening, now the traction control flashes from approx. 8500 rpm to keep my front wheel on the ground, so there is significantly more power available here. The interventions are so gentle that you don't notice anything except the flashing light in the cockpit. Due to the increased "double-declutching" when downshifting, the gears slip in better and faster and the fired engine brake (no overrun cut-off) at higher speeds ensures less restlessness when releasing and applying the gas before and after the curve. Thanks to the video instructions, the hardware removal and installation are super easy to do.
Conclusion: I can only warmly recommend Race Mapping and shortening of throttle grip rotation to anyone who drives sporty. "

Johannes B., Germany, BMW S1000R 2019

Shift assistant PRO for BMW R1200GS 2013

After numerous inquiries from owners of a BMW R1200GS 2013 regarding retrofitting of the shift assistant PRO, we have taken on the topic. Since there is no shift assistant PRO available  from BMW in the first model year of the water-cooled R1200, there was a gap here.

We are now able to implement a retrofit solution (more details here) similar to our already known solutions for the S1000R or the R nineT. This solution can also be implemented for the later R1200. As usual with us, the shift assistant function parameters are also optimized at the same time to ensure a significantly better gear shift behavior than with the "original" BMW solution. In addition, we of course also offer the € 175 price advantage together with our Dynamic Mapping for the R1200 models.