Customer feedback S1000XR 2020

We had a nice ride yesterday. Am very happy with the Power Mapping S V2021, I go on the bike with an even bigger smile now.
After the start now nice and smooth revs! Throttle response much nicer, responds better, even from low revs in 6th gear.
Then the downshift at low revs ... short intermediate throttle and you are already in the next gear, great! Big difference to the original, was difficult before.
Exhaust sound is now also very nice, especially in Dynamic PRO nice bram bram!
And now the front wheel also goes up in Dynamic when accelerating fast.
Am very happy with it, good job done!

Johnny R., Netherlands, BMW S1000XR 2020

Kick-off to the IDM season 2021

After 2 events were cancelled due to pandemic, the first races of the season could take place from May 21 to May 23 in Oschersleben. This weekend already runs the 2nd event in the Czech Most.

Also this year we support the IDM Superbike 1000 the teams BCC-Racing(Ricardo Brink #4) and Neumann Racing(Marc Neumann #36). In addition, over half of the BMW participants in the Pro SuperstockCup and one team in IDM sidecar ride our electronics. We thank our customers for their trust and keep our fingers crossed for an injury-free and successful season.

The races in Oscherleben (Re-Live on Youtube): Saturday /Sunday
Results IDM Superbike 1000: Ricardo Brink #4, dns (injury after crash) / Marc Neumann #36, P16 & P13

The races in Most (Live and Re-Live on Youtube): Saturday / Sunday
Results IDM Superbike 1000: Ricardo Brink #4, P9 & P11 / Marc Neumann #36, P12 & P14

Customer feedback S1000R 2014

Good evening, yesterday I was able to test your Shift Assistant PRO and Power Mapping well. I am very satisfied and even more. The blipper works beautifully, shifts like butter and runs faster.
500 rpm and a few more hp are also useful. The character of the engine at low revs is also improved.
I recommend this upgrade to all R / RR / XR owners.
I sincerely thank the friends of RS2E for their competence and patience in responding promptly to all problems.
Greetings from Tuscany

Walter P., Italy, BMW S1000R 2014


Maybe you already noticed that there was hardly anything new on our pages lately. Besides an overwhelming demand - many thanks for that - this is also due to the fact that in the background our homepage was moved to a new platform. Because of this, some mistakes might have crept in which we would like to correct.

Therefore our request to all readers: Please report any errors to us - best via email to info(at)

Many thanks in advance and have fun browsing our pages.

Customer feedback on Power Mapping for BMW F750 2021+, K80

We recently had the opportunity to edit an F750 from model year 2021 with a new ECU and to prepare our Power Mapping for it. Enthusiastic customers are our motivation and we seem to have succeeded here too - thank you Ernst.

Customer feedback: "It was all worth it, my little one drives really well! I'm speechless, the shifting is much better and the acceleration is simply breathtaking. I would like to thank you again very much for the hospitality and the super good work."

Ernst W., Germany, BMW F750GS 2021

New services for BMW K1600 models

Already at the end of March we were able to successfully implement the following services for the first time on a BMW K1600GT Sport 2016:

Customer feedback: "The first thing to say about mapping is that you simply have to drive it. The throttle response has become noticeably better and more even across the entire engine speed range. No brutal acceleration with a subsequent delayed throttle response is noticeable anymore. The reduction of the engine braking effect also ensures significantly more pleasant behavior.

The absolute highlight, however, is the Shift Assistant Pro retrofitting, which, according to the manufacturer, is not possible. RS2E has clearly done a great job here, in several hours of testing and adjustment on the roller dynamometer and on the road, mind you using an OEM switch sensor and without any additional electronics. Shifting up and down without a clutch works flawlessly in all speed ranges.

The work mentioned, as well as the removal of all restrictions or limiters, definitely turn the so-called "luxury tourer" into a wolf in sheep's clothing. Certainly, it is not a superbike, but the potential of the 6-cylinder and the driving pleasure are raised to a completely new level. After almost 1200km over the Easter holidays, despite the sometimes bad weather, there is absolutely nothing negative to report, the grin on the face still lingers. Thanks again to Rainer and Robert for the excellent work. "

Thank you Ralf for the great cooperation and your detailed feedback.

Report from "Bremspunkt" about our work!

We always are happy about positive feedback. If it is so detailed and comes from the specialised press, it is of course even nicer. Thank you Daniel for your report and the associated motivation boost for Easter!

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