IDM Red Bull Ring

This weekend, the IDM will be held in Austria at the Red Bull Ring.

Together with the IDM Superbike 1000 teams and riders BCC-Racing (Markus Reiterberger #28) and Neumann Racing (Marc Neumann #36) Robert was again on site as data engineer. After a promising 1st race, technical problems in the 2nd race unfortunately prevented better results.

The IDM races from the Red Bull Ring (Live + Re-Live on Youtube): Sunday
Results IDM Superbike 1000: Markus Reiterberger #28, P2/P14 // Marc Neumann #36, P16/P16

Video recommendation IRRC Horice close up

For all who want to experience roadracing at first hand we recommend the following video of the IRRC in Horice from MTP Racing with the riders David Datzer #55 and Johannes Schwimmbeck #244.

To video:

IDM Assen & IRRC Horice 2021

Last weekend the motorcycle sport events piled up. While we personally accompanied the IDM Superbike in Assen as always, there was the IRRC in Horice in addition to the 6h race in Spa.

In Assen we were able to successfully test again some improvements on our electronics together with the IDM Superbike 1000 Team Neumann Racing (Marc Neumann #36). With another point in the championship and an improved best time compared to 2020 the team around Marc Neumann could leave satisfied. BCC-Racing was not present in Assen due to the commitment of Markus Reiterberger #28 for the 6h in Spa.

Very successful was the IRRC race in Horice where David Datzer #55 could celebrate his first IRRC victory. On this way again congratulations from our side.

The IDM races in Assen (Re-Live on Youtube): Sunday
Results IDM Superbike 1000: Marc Neumann #36, P16/P15
Results IRRC Horice: David Datzer, P3/P1 | Laurent Hoffmann, P6/P5 | Didier Grams, P10/DNF | Johannes Schwimmbeck, P13/P14

IDM Schleiz 2021

After the IDM Superbike event at the Nürburgring had to be cancelled due to the flood disaster in the region, we are back in the IDM this weekend.

Together with the IDM Superbike 1000 teams BCC-Racing, (from Schleiz with Markus Reiterberger #28) and Neumann Racing (Marc Neumann #36) Robert is back as data engineer. In addition, over half of the BMW participants in the Pro SuperstockCup and a team in the IDM Sidecar drive our electronics. So, as always, a lot of work.

The races in Schleiz (Re-Live on Youtube): Saturday /Sunday
Results IDM Superbike 1000: Markus Reiterberger, P2/P1 | Marc Neumann #36, P17 / P16
Results Pro SuperstockCup: David Datzer, P1/P3 | Max Riebe, P11/P9 | Marvin Jürgens, P10/P11 | Guido Nittke, P20/P16 | Christoph Kreller, P21/P28 | Jaroslaw Szczesny, P27/P25 | Michael Wimmi, P29/P30

Customer feedback on the Power Mapping R for the F900R

"The F900R is perfect in itself. Not perfect for me, so I missed from the beginning a certain emotion ... So it was certain what the tuning on the test bench and adjustment of the ECU should improve everything. Reduce idle speed after start, optimize automatic gearshift - shift times - up and down - function, improved driving in the range up to 3,000rpm. - Smoother, More elasticity and revving pleasure - higher max. revs, A little more sound.

About the procedure in general: After making an appointment, the two brothers are super friendly and go into all the details, the bike parked at RS2E ... Again, we were received friendly by the brothers. It was explained again what was done, in addition, there were the diagrams of the test bench, which were also explained. Just looking at the diagrams it was clear to see that something has changed. Here we are not talking about tens of horsepower, but rather the torque and power curve, responsiveness and drivability.

First impression: Then the first aha effect when starting the machine. Starting speed calm 1.200U/min. The increased idle speed after the start was gone, brilliant! So we started the ride home. The weather was ideal, dry roads and pleasantly warm. Out of town we came to a very nice winding country road, the ideal terrain for the F900R. And then there it was, pure emotion! The F900R reacts immediately to every movement on the tap, and from 4,500rpm it really goes...up to 10,000rpm.

Conclusion: Clearly better driving to 3,500U/min. From 3.500U/min. comes again correctly thrust, which increases from 4.500 - 5.000U/min. again correctly. The front wheel wants constantly with turn at the throttle from the ground. The next gear is inside, no matter if up or down. Oha, so that's how an automatic gearshift works. Then still the beautiful grumble at throttle removal. More and more often I catch myself trying to upshift . . . but I'm already in 6th...which now feels like 5th before the adjustment. The pressure is on.

Yes, you hear it often, I too can only describe it as "a completely different bike". . . . "Sheer driving pleasure" to describe it in the words of BMW."

Richard S., Germany, BMW F900R 2020

#WirfürdieEifel, motorsport enthusiasts help flood victims

We, too, have been shocked by the images of the flood disaster in the region around the Nürburgring. Therefore, we have already followed the call for donations of the motorsport community to #wirfürdieEifel.

In addition, we hope to reach more people willing to donate by placing this news teaser. Please also share this action.

Kreissparkasse Ahrweiler
IBAN DE18 5775 1310 0000 1000 24
Reason for payment: "Hochwasserhilfe #WirfuerdieEifel"
Further accounts and

About #WirfuerdieEifel

Under the hashtag #wirfuerdieeifel, racing drivers, team bosses, associations, companies and agencies connected to the region around the Nürburgring are getting involved to collect voluntary donations for the victims of the storms in mid-July 2021. The citizens' fund of the Verbandsgemeinde Adenau is financed by donations, the Verbandsgemeinde ensures that incoming money is forwarded to those affected. Donations to the citizens' fund are tax-deductible.

Successful in BMW Dunlop CUP 2021 (Spanien + Portugal)

Many thanks to Hugo for the following report, congratulations and good luck for the future.

… The week after was the BMW Dunlop Cup at Jerez and it went pretty well. I did the free practise with a used KR-3 (1,54), put a used KR-0 (1:53) for the superpole and a new KR-0 (dropped the TC -1) for the race and did my best lap (1:51) which results in P8. The bike was always good and smoth to ride and I was very pleased with her! Thank you. Everyone was crazy about my top speed. … and everyone ask me if I have a WSBK engine.

Next was third race here at Estoril, a place I know well. My best lap last here was a 1:48,7 and in this race I managed to do a 1:46,531. I finished 2nd Overall and 1st in Superbikes. I ran a new KR-2 for the race. … I also had the fastest time in the straight with 303 kph.

I know I should trust more and pin the throttle once I hear the engine cutting but I still manage the throttle. But I am happy, confident and faster than ever.

At Estoril I also did two perfect starts to P1 on the first corner.  (I started P4)

Hugo Lopes, Portugal, BMW S1000RR 2021